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About Us

We are Darji Online based in Ajmer, Rajasthan. We are the leading garments manufacturer in all over India.
We offer many types of customised garments like printed t-shirts, corporate t-shirts, customised t-shirts, track suits, printed hoodies, school uniforms, security uniforms and all types of customised garments. DARJI ONLINE is run by the rural women of Ajmer, Rajasthan. Most of our skilled tailor employee are the local women of Ajmer, Rajasthan. Our team is highly qualified and provide the best quality product to customers.

Our Mission

We want to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and to be at peace with nature by creating and promoting the environmental awareness.
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Our Vision

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  • To be a company at international standards which is the most reliable and manufactures the highest quality in the India.
  • To create models in the sector with its superior qualified team, its modern infrastructure and advanced applications, and to be one of the contemporary institutions that are addressed as reference in its field.
  • Since the foundation of our company, to offer all our knowledge in time in better quality and with constantly updated technology, without compromising quality of service and to pass on to future generations by combining our knowledge and experience with our accumulation.

Promotional T-Shirts

On offer are Promotional T shirts, online on our website. Now, you would think how would any business use T-shirts as their publicity weapons. The easy solution to this though is not to think of t-shirts available in the market, but the T-shirts we will make you available. We are talking about custom corporate t-shirts . T-shirts available in the market are printed with funky designs and logos, what we bring to you are t-shirts which will carry your own Office logo and your own sign to be worn by your employees. Think of the publicity it will do, when you walk into a man wearing a T-shirt with a company logo.
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Printed T-Shirts

DARJI ONLINE keeps funky, trendy, and stylish designs in its collection. If you wish to arrange an event, you can get designer t-shirts for that. The theme of the event and name can be customised totally. We design our own customised designs in new trendy way.

Making an Impact through
design, quality and innovation.

Making an Impact through
design, quality and innovation.

DARJI ONLINE looks the things differently

We started DARJI ONLINE in 2017 with the vision to deliver quality product in best prices. 


Brand with Quality

with the capability in design, manufacturing, technology, and marketing


of journey so far


team members

team members

team members


products sold

What makes us DARJI ONLINE


Imagined in India, Made in India


Run by the rural women of Ajmer Rajasthan.


Creating designs that are an extension of you.

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